Get Real About ADHD – More Media Sensationalism

This is another perfect example of how the media jumps on anything about ADHD that is controversial.

Harper Collins the publisher is doing a superb job of selling the book even before it is released and the media falling right in line with their marketing plan. Again the hugely frustrating thing is that almost every article and blog about this book does not allow for a rebuttal from the other 99.9 percent of medical experts to comment on some of the sensational statements that are obviously meant as a selling tool for the book. Unfortunately the author and publisher, as well as the journalists who buy into these tactics, totally disregard the harm they do by using sensationalism without balancing it with decades of scientific research. How many children and adults who may have received help will go undiagnosed because this misinformation is being promoted?

As Dr. Kenny Handelman stated in his blog post in January:  I was also reluctant to comment on this fearing I would drive more attention to this book, but taking the high road in the past has not helped to decrease misunderstanding and stigma around ADHD in the past.  ADHD professionals understand, as should parents and adults, that making a diagnosis of ADHD means ruling out any other potential reasons for symptoms of distractibility and hyperactivity, as much as it does confirming that the symptoms are due to ADHD. This is a very basic part of the assessment process. But, of course this is fact is not included in these articles.

If you come across any articles promoting this book and its messages, I encourage you to send your comment so people can “Get Real” about ADHD.

1 thought on “Get Real About ADHD – More Media Sensationalism

  1. I ask myself “What is the goal of this Doctor?” What is his next book? “Heart disease does not exist?” Or perhaps “asthma does not exist!” You can not physically see these medical conditions either but you know they exist. This book is a huge amount of one sided information! No where in this book does it discuss any other Neurologist’s findings that confirm ADHD does in fact exist or inform of countless scientific studies done on getting a better understanding ADHD! The reader has nothing to draw a comparison to! What he has done is a complete disservice to millions of people who do actually have ADHD!! These people with ADHD, after being diagnosed, have started treatments that have dramatically improved their lives! There is “real” science to confirm that ADHD is a real medical condition! ADHD is a difference in cognition. Real science has shown that People with ADHD have a difference in their brain structure and function (executive functioning). if we can just STOP the bashing, STOP putting effort into denying its existence and START putting effort into treatments for ADHD then the “real” people who have ADHD can put all the negativity aside and THRIVE! The real tragedy here is the Author does not realize the harm that is caused! Many people who do have ADHD will go undiagnosed because of the attention this book will receive and the Stigma. Then they will not receive the much needed treatments that would mean the difference between surviving and thriving for them!! This book and any promotions of it are not for the greater good!!

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