4 thoughts on “Oprah investigates ADHD with Lisa Ling

  1. I was diagnosed in 1981, but the report never called it ADD/ADHD because at the time not all doctors were “on board” with acknowledging that ADD was a disorder. The testing was pointless because no medication or strategies were given and I struggled through school and dropped out of university. I was tested again as an adult and scored in the top 1 percentile (yay me). I cannot take stimulants so I use exercise as my drug and have to push myself extra hard to get jobs finished and to motivate myself. I have been running a successful business for 15 years. But every day is still a struggle. I didn’t find the testing difficult at all, it isn’t like I was going to be surprised by the outcome. However, blowing for sure is important so you can either get help or develop strategies to be successful in life.

  2. Difficult to have an opinion with this 1:18 minutes video. Questions are usual. It’s a beginning…. but an assessment for adult is much important, in my opinion, because you have to go back a few years earlier and try to remember experiences that is related to ADD. I have been diagnosed when I was 36 (I’m 39). I have two boys that has also been diagnosed with ADHD before me and the process is diffirent. Wish we could have the sequel to this assessment.

      1. Thank you for the reply and for the information. I have listened to the Lisa Ling video and I recognised me and my boys in this story. Thank you also for the information on Adults ADHD. I am a friendly user on your site and a few others to keep in touch and informed about ADHD. Thank you again. :O)

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